Can Your Building in Waxahachie, TX and the Dallas, Fort Worth, TX area Withstand a Fire?

Find out with a detailed fire safety inspection

Each building in Waxahachie, TX is required to undergo a fire safety inspection regularly. This is to make sure your systems are properly working and your safety isn't compromised. Cowboy Fire Equipment, LLC specializes in fire safety inspection services that are designed to keep your building safe.

Getting a comprehensive fire safety inspection protects your building from potential damage. To schedule your inspection in Waxahachie, TX and Dallas Fort Worth, TX area, call 972-576-5719 today.

Discover if you're using the right fire extinguisher

Discover if you're using the right fire extinguisher

A major part of general building maintenance is getting a fire extinguisher inspection. Although you hope to never have to use it, you want to make sure it's working in the event of an emergency. During your inspection, you can expect our team to:

  • Verify the pressure gage and pull pin
  • Ensure the extinguisher isn't blocked
  • Check for any physical damage
  • Ensure the extinguisher is right for your building

Let's keep your building in Waxahachie, TX safe. Schedule your fire extinguisher inspection by calling 972-576-5719 now.