Cowboy Fire Equipment, LLC is excited to announce a new partnership with locally- based Guardian Services. Both businesses have provided top-notch services to their clients for over 50 years. Now, they’re joining forces to offer everything for commercial kitchens. Yes, everything! From floor to roof!
An Innovative Company That Actually Innovates for Its Customers
Cowboy Fire Equipment, LLC prides itself as an innovative company offering affordable solutions to fulfill customer needs. Unfortunately, commercial kitchen customers are often required to manage multiple vendors and accept less than quality services as a result.
Cowboy Fire Equipment, LLC believes there is no ceiling to quality.
In 2018 Cowboy Fire Equipment, LLC became a licensed Fire Alarm company and are now providing Fire Alarm protection as well as the inspections on Vent a hoods and fire extinguishers. We do it all so you are assured of quality services at an affordable price.
In 2018, Guardian Services became the exclusive distributor for Wool Guard Hood Filters to safeguard against unnecessary grease fires but knew that clients felt frustrated with outsourcing additional service needs. They were tired of having to go to multiple sources, pay more and waste that money for simple needs.
Now, Cowboy Fire Equipment, LLC and Guardian Services has taken the next step to provide ultimate services to customers tired of too much effort to screen endless vendors for too small of a return.
The One-Stop Shop for Your Commercial Kitchen Needs.

Shop the best, only once. Cowboy Fire Equipment, LLC met several times with Guardian Services over the course of the year to ensure the two companies aligned when it came to common core values: customer experience, professional services, technical expertise, and especially, pride in what they do.
The new partnership gives clients the option to receive vent a hood cleaning services, wool guard, fire suppression, fire extinguisher inspections and alarm services. Cowboy Fire Equipment, LLC is now a one-stop shop for all commercial kitchen needs. From the kitchen floor to the rooftop fan, Cowboy Fire Equipment, LLC has you covered.
If you are a current Cowboy Fire Equipment, LLC customer, you can simply ask for a vent a hood cleaning quote. We have professionals to come and give you the best service.
Founded in 1945, Guardian Services is the leader in the commercial kitchen cleaning industry. Also, Guardian Services is a founding member of IKECA and a member of NADCA, winning NADCA's safety award for eight years.
This year, Guardian Services was awarded as one of the fastest growing, privately held companies on the Inc. 5000 list for the third year in a row. Only 20% of all companies on the list have been honored three or more times.
How Technical Is Too Technical?
There’s no such thing as “too technical” when it comes to quality service. With CECT, CECS, CESI, ASCS and Gaylord Certified technical staff members, there is no kitchen exhaust system they can't handle.
With customers like DFW International Airport, AT&T Headquarters, Dallas ISD, Baylor Medical Centers and Raytheon, it's apparent Guardian Services provides expertise in the industry coupled with exemplary customer experience. With their Super Clean Kitchen Guarantee, they always promise to leave your kitchen cleaner than when they arrived. They’re just awesome that way.
There is no other commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning company in the DFW metroplex that can guarantee all their technicians are trained employees (no subcontractors) and have passed background checks and drug tests. Guardian Services is the one for you!
Furthermore, Guardian Services will always clean your entire system from the hood itself to all accessible duct work to the rooftop fan. See what they mean by clean?
As leaders and activists in the industry, Guardian Services is known throughout Texas as the vent hood cleaning company you can rely on. Because there’s no ceiling when it comes to quality.
Founded in 1969, Cowboy Fire Equipment, LLC is spearheaded by the hardworking and fun-loving dynamic duo Larry and Diane Kendrick. Larry Kendrick joined his father in the company in 1984 after serving in the military.
Larry Kendrick became the successor of the company after his mother passed in 1999. We were married in 2004 and began running the business together thereafter.
Today, Cowboy Fire Equipment serves thousands of folks throughout the DFW metroplex.
Cowboy Fire Equipment, LLC and Guardian Services Stands Out from the Rest!
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